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Aigritec's commitment to sustainability

Currently, chemical thinning wastes up to 90% of the product on undesired locations, causing a massive chemical drift polluting the surrounding environment.
AI-driven precision farming leads to a drastic decrease in chemical usage, as our robot allows for application on desired locations only. In turn, this leads to a dramatic decrease of 90% in the usage of such chemicals. Such a decrease has an indisputably positive effect on the environment, as it leads to 70% less water usage and 90% less CO2 emissions.

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Less Chemicals used

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Less water usage

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Less CO2 emission

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Increased yield

Aigritec is committed to improving agricultural operations on multiple fronts. Not only is it our goal to maximize yield efficiency, we also aim to optimize our solution on the account of sustainability. Using high precision technology, we can optimize harvesting procedures, increasing yield by up to 40%, while minimizing the environmental footprint we leave behind. 

Other Commitments:

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Why Choose Us

Aigritec is developing the technology of tomorrow. We use artificial intelligence and robotics to transform crop management into an efficient, precise and sustainable process.”

Crop automation​

Automating Crop management of fruit orchards with the help of robotics and AI.

Upgraded labour

Adressing the dramatic labour shortage and enabling jobs to move up in the value chain.

Reasonable Price

We aim to provide full service on crop management tasks at reasonable bundled prices.


Reduction in the use of chemicals, less waste of water and drastic cut of C02 emmisions.

Increased yield

Increasing yield thanks to the latest state-of-the-art AI-based precision crop management.

Quickly And Efficiently

Our robots don’t need rest and work round the clock, meaning all operations will speed up drastically.


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