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Researcher in the field of AI, with experience in academia (Universities of Trento, Bolzano, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Osnabrück) and industry (​​director of the computer vision department at ExB and as visiting researcher at the Facebook AI Research Lab in Paris). Currently he is an interim professor at the Cognitive Science Department of Osnabrück University.
Experienced electromechanical engineer, currently head of the research and development team of automation and control systems for snow guns of TechnoAlpin, world leader in the sector. Daniele has gained more than ten years of experience in the development of electric motors and in rapid prototyping.

Oscar Ligthart

Head of AI
Graduated cum laude from the University of Amsterdam with an MSc degree in Artificial Intelligence, specializing in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Prior to that, studied and received a BSc degree in Neuroscience. Oscar is fascinated by the manner in which these fields are intertwined and combines them to find optimal AI-driven solutions.

Florian Dallago

Mechanical Engineer
Graduated and currently enrolled at the Master degree in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering of the trilingual Free University of Bolzano. The main focus of the educational path is Industrial Automation. In particular, currently research topics regard Industrial Robotic Design as well as the role of Rapid Prototyping devices in design and manufacturing practices.

Fabio Collaone

Mechanical Engineer
Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering at the Free University of Bolzano and actually enrolled in a Master's degree of the same specialization. After some years of working experience in different industries, since 2019 run his own Mechanical Consulting firm. Joined Aigritec because he is really attracted by the project and believes that Robotics and AI will be the future.

Frank Brongers

AI Engineer
Master student Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam with a general fondness for machine learning and its applications with the focus on automation. Especially when it comes to the translation of the field to the real world with the use of robotics. Joined Aigritec after doing his BSc thesis on the application of Active Learning supervised by Elia.

Leon Eshuijs

AI Engineer
Bachelor graduate and current master student of the Artificial Intelligence programs at University of Amsterdam. Leon has a keen interest in the real world application of A.I through Reinforcement Learning, and its combination with Robotics. During his bachelor thesis at Aigritec he further explored these areas by using RL to improve the accuracy of electric motors.

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