Our company

Aigritec is a young, ambitious and committed company.

We have a vision to improve agriculture on the fronts of efficiency and sustainability. To achieve this, we move at a very high pace while developing our state-of-the-art machines.

Our combined expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence gives us all the tools required to create machines that are capable of maximizing efficiency for the most demanding crop management tasks.

We believe that to find the optimal solution for these tasks is to completely understand them. Hence, we are in close relation with an end-user that supervises our research and development and allows us to thoroughly test our machines in real world situations.

What makes us unique is our approach of building a single machine that is capable of providing precise solutions that generalize to multiple crop management operations. Reusability of our machine leads to efficient, cheap and sustainable solutions, all year round.

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Our Team

Our team is highly educated and dedicated to shape the future of agriculture.

Why Choose Us

Aigritec is developing the technology of tomorrow. We use artificial intelligence and robotics to transform crop management into an efficient, precise and sustainable process.”

Crop automation

Automating Crop management of fruit orchards with the help of robotics and AI.

Upgraded labour

Adressing the dramatic labour shortage and enabling jobs to move up in the value chain.

Reasonable Price

We aim to provide full service on crop management tasks at reasonable bundled prices.


Reduction in the use of chemicals, less waste of water and drastic cut of C02 emmisions.

Increased yield

Increasing yield thanks to the latest state-of-the-art AI-based precision crop management.

Quickly and Efficiently

Our robots don’t need rest and work round the clock, meaning all operations will speed up drastically.

We Are Right Here To Help You Realize Your Green Dream

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